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mafiabanter's Journal

Hot Yakuza/Sulky Minion Banter: Dresden/Marcone
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A Harry Dresden/John Marcone comm for fic, art, conversation, or whatever
This is a community for the Harry Dresden/Johnny Marcone pairing from Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series. We are open to fic, art, and general discussion, though try to remain on topic, please, as well as keep discussion civil.

Please cut all spoilers, cut or link fic over 200 words (though we are not opposed to teaser snippets outside cuts), and large photos (because we love and sympathize with the poor dial-up users, few as they may be with the advent of cable and DSL).

Also, please tag your entries according to type. So: fic, art, meta, discussion, and so on. If fic or art, please also give a rating from G to NC-17 for it, and tag for that as well. You may also add for art and fic the tags "artist: [your username]" and "author: [your username]" if you wish. Tags are convenient and make things easier to find, which makes the comm overall more fun for everyone.

Mostly, try to be courteous and have fun!

Some may ask, "Why Harry and John Marcone?" While I think the answer is self-evident, bookshop sums up only some of the reasons why in her Dresden Files pimp post:
Which is also to say that you should all read this series with me, and then you should SLASH HARRY WITH GENTLEMAN JOHN MARCONE, who is a HOT MAFIA LORD who likes to RESCUE HOT WIZARDS NAMED HARRY. Because they spend the first 2 books chasing each other, flirting, soul-gazing, snarking, smugly calling each other by their first names, and exchanging HOT YAKUZA/SULKY MINION BANTER.

I think we can see from the current comm title that I agree.

(And would add more, but I'm going try really hard not to spoil any newcomers.)

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or concerns, feel free to either e-mail me or comment to the first entry of this comm. You can find it under the tag welcome.