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h-cat, hidden-longings

hidden_longings in mafiabanter


Title:  Overcome (2/?)
Rating: NC-17
Warning: violence (lots of it), torture, cursing, and possibly some sexual content in later chapters.
Relationships: Harry Dresden/John Marcone
Characters: Harry Dresden, John Marcone, Hendricks, Thomas Raith, Kincaid, Murphy,
Summary: When enemies from Harry’s past attack John, it pushes him over the edge.  Harry’s had enough of pretending to be anything other than what he is and, Court or Council, someone is going to pay.

Part of my Dresden AU Series.  This story comes after Monsters.


Harry bounded up the hospital stairs, unwilling even with his magic contained to risk the elevator.  His face was a Dorian Gray portrait, all the cares and evils of the day ravaging his usually smooth face.

The fledgling had been less then helpful.  Oh it had told him everything that it could but the thing had been made for cannon fodder and he hadn’t been able to get much information from it, just enough to back up Toot-Toot’s frantic message.

The Red Court and the White Council had joined forces against Marcone and Dresden’s enterprises.  If Harry had his way they’d all burn for this.

Bob’s eyes had gleamed when Harry gave him the fledge.  The vampire’s eyes had been burning coals once Bob had possessed him.  He had strict orders to gather as much info as possible and to be back before dawn. 

The fledge was to be left to boil helplessly in the sun. 

When Harry finally reached the floor that the nurse at the desk had pointed him towards he strode into the waiting room.  Harry saw Hendricks’ hulking form crammed into a too small plastic chair that creaked dangerously under his bulk. 

Harry’s progress towards the bodyguard was halted when a small man in a closely tailored suit planted himself in front of Harry, waving a badge with a condescending waggle. 

“Mr. Dresden? Special Agent Johnson.  I need to ask you a few questions.”

“In a moment Agent Johnson.  I need to speak to a nurse first.”

“I can see why you would be worried about your business partner but I really need to speak to you first.”

Harry crossed his arms across his chest and looked down his nose at the smaller man.  No need to make a scene, but he wanted to leave no doubt as to what his feelings on the agent’s pushiness were. 

“Ask away.”

“Where were you at 7:30 this evening?”

“I was in a meeting with Marcone and a mutual client of ours.”

“So you saw the attack?”

“No I didn’t.”

“Mr. Hendricks called the police at 8:00 so you’re saying that you left Marcone just in time for him to be assaulted.”

“Urgent business came up, I had to leave quickly.”

“What was so urgent that you left a business meeting?”

Harry ground his teeth as the questioning continued with no sign of slowing down.

“My offices had been broken into and one of my employees was frantic because some important documents had been stolen.”

Johnson’s eyebrows shot upwards towards his receding hairline.

“Did you contact the police?”

Harry smiled unpleasantly.

“There was no need.  It’s being handled internally and none of the papers that were stolen were irreplaceable.”

“You just said they were important.”

“They are, but I have my employees fill out forms in triplicate and each copy is kept in a different facility.”

“Sounds a little paranoid.”

“To my benefit it seems.”

“We’ll get back to that eventually,” warned Johnson. “But for right now do you know anybody who would want to cause Mr. Marcone harm?”

Harry’s laugh was a jagged noise that tore at his throat.

“Where are you from?  Alaska?  Marcone’s made a metric ton of enemies in the course of his career.”

“Just give me the highlights then.”

“The Mayor’s office, the entire Chicago police department, anyone who lives in Chicago and has more than ten thousand dollars in their bank account.”

“Except for you.”  Johnson pointed out.

Harry gave him an unimpressed sneer.

“So you have no idea who attacked Marcone?”

“Isn’t that what I just said?”

“I suppose the fresh black eye and split lip that your sporting have nothing to do with what’s going on?”

Harry finally lost patience with the older man and he slid easily around the agent. 

“Ran into a door, Agent,” Harry threw over his shoulder before stopping in front of Hendricks. “I’m a bit of a klutz.”

 “So what’s the news?”

Hendricks’ carefully shimmied out of his chair and regained his feet. 

“Boss is in surgery.  Their sewing his guts back where they belong, what with the dog bit and everything he was nearly disemboweled.  Real troubles with his head, his brain hit the side of his skull.  The swelling needs to go own before they can figure out if he’s going to wake up or not.”

“Mr. Dresden.”  The insistent voice brought a snarl to Harry’s normally passive face for an instant before it was molded into a helpful mask.  He turned to look at Johnson again as the man tapped him on the shoulder.


“We’re not finished yet.”

Harry glanced over Johnson’s head and grimaced.

“I think we are.”

“Oh really?”  Johnson’s head was flung back so he could look straight into Harry’s eyes.  Harry restrained himself to glaring at the bantam rooster’s nose as he drawled,  “Yep, you’ve got bigger problems, so to speak, then me.”

“Special Agent Johnson!”

Murphy’s voice rang out into the small room.  Johnson spun on his heels to face the diminutive figure that was crowding into his personal space with her hands on her hips. 

“What are you doing here?”

“I was called in by your captain.  He felt that this case was a little beyond your departments purview.”

Murphy bristled but Harry couldn’t restrain a thin-lipped smile when she kept her distance from him.

“Oh, and you think you can handle this case?  You’ve been in Chicago for less than a month and you want to deal with the two biggest alleged mob bosses in the tri-state area?”

“Watch yourself,” Harry growled. “You were ordered by my lawyers and your captain to deal with the problem that you have Marcone and I.”

Murphy’s smile was sweet venom. 

“I said alleged.”

Dresden snarled, “Better watch out for this one Agent Johnson.  She’s liable to lead you astray in her delusional attempt to mar our reputations.”

“Not that it would take much.”  Murphy shot back.  “You’ve both caused pain and problems in this city to require protection from the people’s who’s lives you’ve ruined.”

“Are you actually implying that Marcone deserved to have his stomach ripped open?”

“I’m saying that I’m surprised that it hasn’t happened sooner.”

Johnson shook his head in disbelief. “Lieutenant Murphy, you need to leave before I have to have you thrown out.”

“I’m leaving.  But just as some food for thought, Dresden here, is perfectly capable of having Marcone killed.  If Marcone dies Dresden stands to gain full control of both enterprises without having to fight for it.” 

Murphy slammed into the stairwell with a boom of noise as she stormed off. 

A surgeon entered the waiting room when the echo of her exit had died down. 

“Mr. Hendricks, Mr. Marcone is out of surgery.  He’s doing well right now but I don’t have enough information to tell you about his head injury and its severity.  We’ll just have to wait for him to wake up to see the extent of the damage.”

Dresden surged forward, “Can I see him? I’m his partner.”  Harry’s fist clenched when the doctor’s face slipped into a sneer.

“Do you have any legal relationship with Mr. Marcone?”

“If I was a woman would you ask that?” Harry retorted.

“You have to have a familial or legal relationship with the patient if you want to visit him after visiting hours are over.”

Harry drawing on reserves of patience that he had built up when he had lived with his uncle withdrew any outward signs of agitation and his face retracted into a still pool.  “Very well.  When may I see him?”

“Visiting hours start tomorrow morning at 7:30.”

“Thank you.”  Harry turned to face Johnson again.  “I need to meet with some prospective clients this evening so if we could make this quick.”

“You don’t seem too concerned about finding the people who are responsible for Mr. Marcone’s assault.”

“I’m sure your very competent at your job.” 

“Mr. Dresden I looked at the medical files before you got here.  They set what looks like a couple of Pit Bulls on him.  These are nasty people who will try again.  Now I need you to work with me.”

“Agent Johnson.  I am a nasty person in my own right.  Marcone is perfectly capable of protecting himself under normal circumstances.  Now that we know someone is after us we’ll be ready if they try again.”

“You might be ready, but what if Mr. Marcone doesn’t wake up?”

Harry lunged forwards and shoved Johnson into a wall with enough force to dent the plaster.

“Then I will expect you to find and arrest every living person that was involved in this crime.”

Johnson tried to draw air back into his body that had been knocked out from the force of Dresden’s shove.  When he finally managed it Dresden had already swept out of the room, his duster billowing around his legs.

“Which begs the question,” Johnson muttered. “Of how many I’m going to have to put into body bags.”

Hendricks’ chuckled darkly and Johnson turned to look at the bodyguard.


“You’re cute.  You think you’ll find bodies.”

Hendricks settled back into his chair and pulled a small book seemingly out of thin air as he sat back and waited for more news on Marcone.

Johnson wasn’t a stupid man and he figured asking an apparent ex-linebacker why he was reading Nietzsche was on a top ten list of boneheaded moves somewhere and he headed out the door to go and look over the files that the FBI had on Dresden and Marcone. 

He’d skimmed them before he’d come to the hospital but he’d wanted to make sure that he hadn’t missed any of Marcone’s visitors and hadn’t read them as thoroughly as he could have.

It was sure to be interesting reading.

Part 1 Part 3