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h-cat, hidden-longings

hidden_longings in mafiabanter

Title:  Overcome (1/?)

Rating: NC-17

Warning: violence (lots of it), torture, cursing, and possibly some sexual content in later chapters.

Relationships: Harry Dresden/John Marcone

Characters: Harry Dresden, John Marcone, Hendricks, Thomas Raith, Kincaid, Murphy,

Summary: When enemies from Harry’s past attack John, it pushes him over the edge.  Harry’s had enough of pretending to be anything other than what he is and, Court or Council, someone is going to pay.

Part of my Dresden AU Series.  This story comes after Monsters.


They had been walking out of the office building that had Marcone’s main boardroom in it.  The sun was just starting to set and Marcone’s expression was calm enough though Hendricks could read the faint layer of smugness that underlined it. 

There were some benefits to having the same boss for over a decade.  No matter how stoic John was about his relationship with Dresden, Hendricks knew that it was important to both men. 

Yesterday Marcone had gone to a charity event that had ended in some sort of ill-advised stunt in an alley that had Hendricks struggling to contain his guffaws.

He had known his boss for a long time and it had been far too long since Marcone had had the sort of fun that Dresden led him into.  Hendricks knew that he should be more concerned about their stunts but the fact was anything that Dresden couldn’t and Marcone as a team couldn’t take on was likely too much for mere mortals like Hendricks no matter how well trained he was.

Today had been all business and between the two of them they had cleaned up in the boardroom today.  Dresden’s mixture of impatience and aggression, made desperate people accept the calm and seemingly kind Marcone at face value.  The result being they got hosed without even knowing it.

Dresden had been forced to leave earlier in the evening when a breathless Dewdrop Fairy buzzed into the room and landing on Dresden’s shoulder whispered into his ear, his entire body shaking with excitement.

Dresden’s face twisted into a snarl as he got the gist of what was being said to him.

All Hendricks’ had managed to overhear was a couple of different colors.  He didn’t know why the red and white colors working together made Dresden go pale, but anything that managed it was probably scary enough that Hendricks really didn’t want to know any more about it than he already did.

Hendricks was a more than competent bodyguard anyone less aware wouldn’t have even noticed what was happening before it was far too late.  But he did, and his awareness saved Marcone’s life.

The unexpected assault began in the shadows.  Hendricks had only a couple of seconds to realize what was about to happen before the monsters erupted from the darkness that they had been hiding in.

“John! Run!”

It was enough lead-time that he managed to squeeze off a couple of bullets into the black skin of the monster that lead the charge.  The force of the bullets tumbled her off of her feet smashing through her pendulous breasts and piercing her heart.

The rest of the pack simply leapt over their leader, before she even had a chance to collapse, and continued the charge with a cacophony of hissing screeches that made Hendricks’ ears ring.

Her body hit the floor with a crash but she was just one of many and Hendricks was quickly tackled to the floor by four more of the hideous bodies.  As he struggled against their weight, he desperately tried to see what was happening to Marcone.

John was struggling in grim silence against three more of the hideous things bat wings were curled in close to the body while they swung out stringy arms with claws that tore through cloth and flesh with ease whenever they connected.

Gleaming teeth drooled a steady stream of saliva that Hendricks was more than ready to believe was probably acidic as it steamed whenever it hit his clothing.  A gaping mouth headed directly towards his face, Hendricks had to tear his attention away from John long enough to stick a knife into the eye of the thing.

It (a male by the looks of its’ flat chest) pulled back with a frantic squeal and tried to pull the serrated blade out without much success.

A sudden bellow of pain from John had Hendricks’ using a sudden extra surge of adrenaline to throw the other three of the monsters to the side and he dove and connected with the back of the creature that had just seized a sizeable portion of John’s side into its’ mouth and was scissoring its’ jaws to turn the bite into a ragged tear that would expose most of Marcone’s internal organs.

The impact tore it free before it could connect all the way and it screeched in protest as his potentially fatal bite was halted before it could do more damage. 

Hendricks’ grabbed one side of the creature’s jaws with his right hand and with a swift twist was able to forcefully snap its neck.  It crumpled with a cut off cry as the light was extinguished from its’ dark eyes.

Hendricks leapt back to his feet and spun towards John just in time to see another creature strike Marcone across the face with a closed fist that spun the mafia don into a nearby wall with a sickening crunch.  John crumpled to the ground just as Hendricks saw a rip in the air begin to pull apart into a light filled opening.

Pulling a small revolver from underneath his jacket, Hendricks managed to squeeze off another shot directly into the nearest monsters head.  He watched it explode into bone fragments and chunks of brain before looking impassively at whatever was coming through the Gate.

Hendricks would deny it to his dying day but when he saw Dresden charge through the opening like the wrath of God made flesh he huffed out a deep sigh of relief.

Dresden looked pissed.

His face was a snarling mask that was already liberally spattered with the oozing tar that seemed to be the monster’s version of blood.  His right hand clutched the ever present staff and in his left Hendricks thought he saw a small hummingbird flutter of white cloth.

Why was he clutching a handkerchief?

Hendricks’ question was answered when Dresden flung it into the closest monsters’ face and sunlight poured from its folds.  The bright glow ate into the vampires’ (?) face, straight down to the bone.  Leaving empty sockets and the smoky scent of cooked flesh in its’ wake. 

Hendricks finally reached John’s side and he pulled the dead weight away from the battle arena that was lit only by the radiance of light from the place that Dresden had come from. 

Dresden squared off against the final monster, and then the scene went almost pitch black, before Hendricks’ eyes, when the rip in space sealed itself shut again.  The only remaining light was below Dresden’s face in the soft glow of the pentacle that seemed to be Dresden’s form of a religious talisman.

The light cast his eyes into shadow and left Hendricks with the shivery feeling that he knew what death looked like before he was effectively blinded by Dresden’s next move.


The bellowed word brought an eager flame into existence that wrapped around the last monster as it tried, and failed, to run away.  The fire ate through the black flesh like it was so much bubbling fat, bubbling and hissing like bacon before disappearing along with any remnants of the monster.

Near silence returned and when Hendricks’ night vision returned he saw Dresden crouching over the final leaving creature.

“Who sent you!?!”

The vampires charred lips pulled back and he tried to spit in Dresden’s face. 

Dresden struck it across the face, a flash of metal the only indication that the wizard had used his kinetic rings to add to the force of the blow.  The monsters head rocked back on its shoulders, but it still struggled weakly to get away.

“Tell me!  Who called for this?”

The monster moved closer to Dresden’s face as though he was going to whisper in the wizards’ ear, but as soon as it got close enough its’ teeth snapped desperately at Dresden’s exposed throat.

“Oh, enough of this!”

Dresden threw the now chuckling monster to the ground before reaching forward and with a visible surge of power hissed.

“In vincula conicere.”

The creature disappeared in a muted flash of light and Dresden got to his feet, wiping blood and dirt from his knees as he strode over to where Hendricks had Marcone laid out flat in an attempt to keep from jostling the injured man any more than he already was.

“How bad is it?”

Dresden’s usually rapid-fire words dragged in an exhausted rasp as though that last bit of magic had drained him of all of his strength.

“Bad.  He needs a hospital.”

Dresden wiped a shaking hand down his face as he nodded.  He leaned in for a moment and pulling aside the tattered cloth looked at the gaping hole in Marcone’s side.

“Did the vampire bite him here?”


“Ah Hell’s Bells.  Okay look there’s a narcotic in the saliva that is more than a little addictive so I know he needs medical attention but we have to get this down his throat first.”

Harry pulled a small vial of liquid from one of the deepest pockets of his trench coat.

“Hold his mouth open for me.”

Hendricks hesitated for a moment before obeying his boss’s lover.  So far Dresden seemed to be very knowledgeable about what was going on in the supernatural world and he just had to trust him that little bit further now that the attack was over.

Pulling down Marcone’s jaw, Hendricks watched raptly as the lumpy liquid was poured down the lax throat, which had to be massaged into an automatic reflex before it was ingested.

The affect was nearly instantaneous.

The potion raged through Marcone and he began to convulse as it removed any trace of the vampires saliva from his body.  Five interminable minutes later John’s body stopped as the potion completed its work and left him still unconscious and full of holes but at least free of any of the drugging saliva that the monsters bite had left behind.

Dresden leaned forward and gently stroked a hand down Marcone’s clammy cheek before he pulled himself to his feet.

“Okay.  I need you to call it in.  Technology doesn’t work very well around me and we need to get an ambulance here as soon as possible.  Call up some of his men.  He’ll need protection.

Dresden pulled himself away from his lover with obvious reluctance.

“If the Red Court’s opening move is this bold I doubt they’ll hesitate to attack in front of mundanes.  I’ll meet you at the hospital once I’ve ensured I won’t knock out any more machinery.”

As Dresden walked away new purpose entered his stride and Hendricks heard the faint mutter of Harry’s last words before the 911 operator came on the line.

“If it takes the last drop of my magic, I will find out who did this and make them pay.”


Ten minutes after he had left his lover in the capable hands of Hendricks Harry stepped into the foyer of his mansion.  All of the lights had been turned off and Harry knew that all of his servants had gone home for the day.

Harry knew that he should have been having some sort of emotional reaction but all he felt was, cold.

The spreading, numbing chill that past experience had taught him would get him through the coming days, no matter the cost, was something so familiar that it was nearly soothing in its’ predictability.

Locking and bolting the front door behind him, Harry moved with purpose towards the stairs that led down to the laboratory.

When the mansion had first been built the original owners had probably used it as a wine cellar, but when Morningway had procured the building after the ‘disappearance’ of the current owner he had had it gutted.

The laboratory was a long narrow room that had shelves crammed neatly labeled boxes and bottles along with leather bound books without titles covering every spare inch of wall space.                                                                                   

A low-slung table liberally marked with sigils ran down the center of the room with a variety of experiments spread out in clearly demarcated areas. 

The table ended a good twenty feet away from the wall furthest from the door.  The space was empty, the only thing in it was a large circle embedded in the concrete floor made up of layers of precious metal and iron with still more sigils carved into the band. 

Slamming relentlessly against the invisible barrier that had sprung up where the circle lay was the Red Court vampire.

Harry’s last spell had sent it here none too gently and although it was still fighting the thing looked like it had gone through a food processor.

In the short amount of time that the vampire had been left to its own devices it had managed to grow back a good portion of the skin that it had lost when Dresden threw the kerchief full of sunlight directly into its’ face. 

The lack of flesh meant that its eye sockets were still empty holes and Dresden had every intention of pulling the information that he needed from the vampire along with a few internal organs if need be.

As the door slammed shut behind him, Dresden watched the vampire slide away from the sound as far as it could before its back hit the circle again.

Confident that the vampire was too busy trying to escape to interrupt him Harry headed straight towards the only person, well sort of, that he thought could help him.


Flickering sockets that had been studying the struggles of the vampire with bright glee turned and flared briefly in shock when they landed on the bedraggled visage of Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden’s frozen pool of an expression.

“What happened Harry; what’d I miss?”

“Two separate packs of Red Court vampires attacked John and I.”

“I take it, that,” The skull jerked its chin in the vampires direction, “Is the sole survivor?”


“I’m surprised you let him live this long Harry. Unless.” The lights in Bob’s eyes flared with happiness. “Have you changed your mind about the libido potion I was telling you about?”

“No.  I need your help with three things.”


“First thing.  How do I make that,” Harry tilted his head towards the still cowering vampire, “tell me what it knows.”

“A potion.”

“Which it’s just going to drink because it’s in such a hurry to help me out?”

“No way Boss.  But it looks pretty badly mangled, if you injected the potion into say an animal of some sort instinct will take over and it won’t be able help itself.”

“You’re sure?”

“He’s not much more than a fledge Harry, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bianca had him turned just for this attack.”

“All right, second thing.  John was attacked tonight by a pack of Reds and he’s in the hospital right now.  How can I go and see him without knocking out heart monitors and the like?”

Bob was silent for a moment in thought as he looked critically at his master”

“Your aura’s lashing out pretty heavily, if the light bulbs weren’t so heavily warded they’d have blown by now.  I think it’d take a pretty heavy-duty charm to contain your magic enough that you could go to the hospital.  I think, think mind you, that we might be able to convince your pentacle to do the job for a while but we’ll have to come up with a more permanent solution.”

“How, I don’t want to dip it into any sort of potion and I don’t think carving anything into the metal is going to do anything except ruin it.”

“Right on both counts boss, we don’t want to change the pentacle itself.  Instead I want to use it as a starting point for a spell that will establish parameters for your magic. It should only take about fifteen minutes.”

“Good.  Now thirdly, I need to find a way to protect John so that something like this never happens again.  He’s so damn smooth I forget how strong he isn’t sometimes, and that particular failure came back to bite me on the ass tonight.”

“Are you talking human shrimpiness in general or are you also talking about the whole age problem.”

Dresden’s face tightened as he contemplated the possibility of decades possibly centuries without his partner.


“That last one is going to be difficult to pull off, Boss.”

“I know that Bob.  That doesn’t change anything.”

“All right I’ll need to do some research into that.  I’ve had to do things similar to the first two tasks before for previous masters.  That last one isn’t something I’ve ever really contemplated before.

“Think hard, Bob.”

“Anything for you Boss.”

Dresden scooped up Bob’s skull and headed towards the nearest potion station, they had a lot of work to do.  Dresden put the skull on top of a large candlestick that was wide enough to hold him comfortably.  Then he put a small cauldron on top of a small burner that was old enough to work around his magic and he let it heat up.

“Potion first.”

“All right well first we’re going to need a liquid base and we want the vamp as chatty as possible so I’d say alcohol as the base, Vodka, Tequila, whatever.”

“That’s the base of a love potion.”

“Champagne is the base for a love potion, alcohol of all sorts is the base for a lot of other types of potions.”

Harry reluctantly pulled a bottle of wine from a nearby shelf.  From the amount of dust on it the bottle might have been original to the house.

“That will do.”  A skull shouldn’t be able to sneer but Bob managed it. “As long as that crap hasn’t turned to vinegar yet anyways.”

Harry uncorked the bottle with a quick twist of his magic and inhaled deeply.

“Smells like wine to me.”

“All right then pour it in and let it bubble while we get the rest of the ingredients.”

Bob continued to list off ingredients and Harry would throw them in as instructed.  A crushed white Chrysanthemum served as his scent, a finger crossing a heart was touch. 

Spirit seemed to stymie Bob as he looked down at the bubbling brew for a couple of moments before his eyes brightened in their sockets.

“Okay spirit, pour in a couple of words that are caught on the tip of the tongue.  Bitter ones will work better.”

Dresden took a moment pulling down the requisite jar, tossing in words that he had managed to capture from his own tongue.  This potion was personal and Harry had every intention of giving the Red Court vampire no recourse but to tell him everything that he wanted to know.

Mind came from the ash of a secret written on a piece of paper.  Sound turned out to be the chattering of clacking teeth and taste came from the saliva of a goose.  The final ingredient that constituted sight was the single drop of a tear from a betrayed lover.

Dresden pressed enough of his will into the potion that it swirled and eddied for several moments before congealing into a concoction that smelled like rotting flowers.

Decanting the liquid into a large syringe, Harry’s smile was vicious.

“Good.  Now to have a little Q and A with our latest prisoner.”

Bob’s jaw gaped open in delight as Harry with a twist of his magic brought a large rat into his hands.

Slipping the potion into its veins was the work of a couple of seconds and then Harry threw the dying rodent into the circle of power that held the young vampire captive.

The vampire froze for a moment desperately struggling against instincts that he barely understood before he broke.

Scenting the air in the circle the vampire managed to grab a hold of the rat without fumbling it, despite his lack of sight.

Less than a minute later the rat’s desiccated little body hit the ground with a barely audible crack.

The vampire’s mouth gaped a little and his newly regenerated eyes looked at Dresden’s approaching form with glazed horror.

“Now.  To the truth of the matter.”


In vincula conicere: Latin for imprisonment

Chrysanthemum: Truth

Part 2 Part 3


Oooh! Exciting. Looking forward to the sequel. :-)