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h-cat, hidden-longings

hidden_longings in mafiabanter

Fic: Hail Conquering the Heroes

Title: Hail Conquering the Heroes

Rating: M

Story Warnings: M/M,Torture, Violence, Homophobic language, References to Child Abuse and Rape.

Relationships: Harry Dresden/John Marcone

Characters: Harry Dresden, John Marcone, Merlin (Arthur Langtry)

Chapter Summary: What’s a man to do when he has his rapist completely and utterly within his control?

Part of my Dresden AU Series.

Arthur Langtry’s eyes fluttered open slowly.  His knees were pulled up tightly to his chest and when he tried to straighten out his legs they hit a solid wall of magic that sent a zing of pain up from his bare feet.

He could feel the low buzz of magic surrounding him, and looking down at the ground beneath him, Arthur could see the small metal plate set in concrete that he was perched on.

The permanent runic markings set into the metal glowed dully as they powered the wall and restrained his magic.

The circle was large enough that he could sit cross legged or stand comfortably but laying down was out of the question.

The only reason that the wall hadn’t jolted his back as he leaned against it was because he had been allowed to keep his undershirt and boxers; the cotton protecting him from the worst of the shock.

Pulling his feet underneath him Langtry clumsily pulled himself to his feet so he could see over the table legs that blocked his view of the rest of the room.

The first thing his eyes focused on was the one remaining dead eye of Ancient Mai the once brilliant color fogged over and dull.

The scale covered skull had been surgically removed from the neck, and no matter where he looked he couldn’t see the rest of her.

The long room was filled with tables and shelves all of them covered in ingredients, but the skull had been given pride of place on an empty table the only other items on its surface were knives and a vat that bubbled thickly in long slow churns.

The sound of the door opened brought Arthurs’ head around quickly.

Harry Dresden stepped into the room quietly his face was far from the vicious snarling mask that Langtry had briefly seen before all hell had broken loose and he had lost consciousness.

“Ah, Langtry. Awake so soon?  Well you always were a tough bastard.”  Harry stalked towards the small circle, pulling on thick hide gloves of some sort as he did.

“Dresden.”  Langtry’s growl sounded weak to his own ears.

“Don’t worry old man.  You’ll be on this earth for a while longer.  I’ve got special plans for you.”

“My Death Curse will leave you too weak to accomplish much.”

Dresden’s smile was soft and unkind.

“We’ll see.”

Harry turned away from the old man, his focus sharpening on Mai’s skull.  He reached out and stroked down the muzzle, wrenching it open against the tightened muscles of rigor mortis.

Three of the largest fangs had already been removed and Arthur could see one of them set aside on another table that held the tools necessary to turn it into a blade.

A sharp crack brought his attention back to what Dresden was doing to the skull.

He had a large pair of plyers in his hand and seemed to be using most of the strength and leverage of his long arms to twist the rest of the teeth out of dragon’s gums.

The smaller teeth were tossed into a glass container that was filled with a viscous liquid that roiled around around the bloody teeth, quickly eating the flesh and blood.

Harry plucked them out of the liquid with a pair of tongs and left them to air out on a piece of cloth when the acidic liquid had done its job.

The last remaining large fang was pulled free with a grunt of effort before it was placed next to the other one that was set to become a very poisonous knife.

Cleaning the smaller teeth had probably removed the venom that had been dripping over them for centuries; the blades to be would eat through flesh as much as they would cut through it.

Dresden had to pull the thick leather off quickly and he tossed it into a small iron trash can, leaving them to smoke and smolder as the venom ate through them.

The remaining intact eye was pulled free of its socket with bare hands careful to keep the optic nerve as intact as possible.  Harry set aside the dripping globe into a small glass container.

Arthur watched silently as Dresden did the same thing to her tongue, carefully snipping the connective muscles that kept it attached to her mouth before pulling it intact out of the bottom of her skull.

“The fact of the matter is Langtry, I wouldn’t mind doing this to you.  While the parts of a dragon, carefully portioned can be used to create a fortune’s worth of potion ingredients.  I’d do this to you as slowly as I could so that you would be conscious for as much of it as possible. Wizard parts aren’t quite as valuable but still a worthwhile task.”

Dresden picked up the sizeable skull and dumped the remainder of it inside of the large vat of liquid which accepted it without sloshing or slowing its boil.

“You’re a monster, Harry.”

“I am what you and the Council made of me.”

“The Council has always had the good of the magical community in mind.”

“But never the good of the individual.”

“Virgin’s are an integral part of many magic...”

“Rape.” Dresden cut through Langtry’s words. Turning away from the vat to look in Langtry’s direction. “The rape of a virgin is important to many dark arts, though I am thankful that you decided nearly draining me of blood, while it was still from a virgin, was a good idea.  After all I didn’t have to be conscious for most of that ritual because of blood loss.  Everything after that was merely sharing a favored toy amongst cronies.”

“Your power was such that it was decided that keeping you restrained magically for any length of time was out of the question, your death curse would have leveled a city block, we had to keep you from the corruption that you no doubt would have gravitated to.”

“So the assault and rape of a child was the best option.”

“We had to restrain your mind.”

“You wanted to break my mind and spirit.  Morningway’s magical influence as well as the repeated assaults was supposed to twist me into what you wanted.  A perfect magical weapon to point at anyone. Cannon fodder.”

Langtry snarled, bashing his closed fists against his magical cage, ignoring the wave of pain that the wall retaliated with.

“We would have succeeded if...”

“If Morningway hadn’t died and I was legally emancipated and able to escape your influence?”

“Morningway was a fool.  That ritual was bound to fail.  It was his incompetence that let you become the monster you are now.”

“Ritual?”  Harry tossed his head back and let loose a belly laugh.  “You still think it was a ritual?  Hell’s Bells you’re all morons.”

Langtry’s eyes widened.

“You killed him.”

“Of course I killed him you nitwit.”

The vat abruptly ceased to boil and Dresden turned away from the Merlin who was still staring at him with wide eyes.

Reaching into the vat with a pair of large tongs the young wizard pulled the now fleshless skull in two pieces from the liquid which oozed away from the metal and left the bone clean and as white as though it had been bleached.

The only incongruity was the hole that pierced through the top of the skull and the jaw.

“That is a beautiful sight. Wouldn’t you say Arthur?”

The toothless skull was still steaming from whatever had eaten the meat and scales and Harry carefully placed it to the side while he quickly cleaned up the table.  Leaving it empty except for the two pieces of bone.

“Fortunately I won’t have to work on the entire body.  Bob seems to enjoy taking it apart, and he certainly knows more about the various potions and poisons that can be made,  but I wanted her head.”

The door opened quietly the sudden movement bringing Langtry’s head around again as he stared in shock at the mundane that had slipped through the entryway without knocking.

“John?” Dresden’s smile was real this time as he stepped towards the shorter man.

Marcone stepped towards his lover and gently waved a couple of strips of vellum with strange characters written into them.

“Thankfully Thomas is as good as his word.”

“He found both of them then?”

John’s head dipped in agreement before he handed the calf skin over to his lover.  He turned to face the captured wizard and his gaze lost any gentleness as he studied the older man.

“Will this work?”

Harry studied the strips of ancient words.

“If anything will.  It has a sense of poetic justice to it really.  The end of the White Council will be the death knell for the Red Court.”

Langtry slammed a palm against the glowing runic wall,  the wall rippled briefly and the shock of magic sent him to his knees with a moan of pain.

“They’ll kill you.  You and your mundane fag.”

John’s eyes lazily tracked over towards the older man.

“I find it unlikely.”

Langtry sneered at them.

“What do you think you and your men can accomplish?  Bullets won’t bring them down and you’ve got nothing else but your ass to offer.”

Harry flicked a finger at the small cage, the runes that covered the magical walls seemed to multiply and then slid down to cover the bottom of the cage.

The elderly man writhed as the sharp stinging pain of the runes became inescapable.

“Harry.”  John’s tone was slightly scolding.  Concentrating for a moment he managed to withdraw the excess magic from the cage.

Langtry lay curled tightly as he tried to gasp for air watching the former mundane with bulging eyes as he fought to understand what was going on.

“As I said,” Marcone continued. “It shouldn’t be too much of a problem.”