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Overcome (4/6)

Title:  Overcome (4/6)

Rating: NC-17

Warning: violence (lots of it), torture, cursing, and possibly some sexual content in later chapters. 

Relationships: Harry Dresden/John Marcone

Characters: Harry Dresden, Blackstaff Ebenezer McCoy

Summary: When enemies from Harry’s past attack John, it pushes him over the edge.  Harry’s had enough of pretending to be anything other than what he is and, Court or Council, someone is going to pay.

Part of my Dresden AU Series.  This story comes after Monsters.


Sorry about the really long wait guys it’s been a stressful summer. I graduated from college and got a new job so I’ve been struggling to figure everything out. Hopefully everything has calmed down now and I can get back to writing fanfiction.  Hope this chapter was worth the wait even though it’s a bit shorter than previous ones.



The small house seemed to have been plopped down in the middle of nowhere.  It slouched unceremoniously in the dip that was created between hills that protected it from all sides.  Harry sneered as he caught sight of the lace-infested curtains that blew out of the open windows; it was twee enough to make any respectable city-dweller vomit. 

Harry had met all of the Council members at one point or another; although generally he had met them on his own turf, blackmail material in hand.  Not this one though.  Blackstaff McCoy was someone that he hadn’t been able to dig up anything on.  Not that that meant much.  Historically Blackstaff’s had always had more freedom than anyone else to participate in black magic of varying shades. 

Harry could feel the blood wards that stretched around the house from the hill that he was standing on, protected by one of his best invisibility potions.  He generally wasn’t a man who considered stealth a common tactic so when he was forced to it Harry had Bob’s help to whip up something helpful.

The blood wards were almost as powerful as the ones that were wrapped around his own manor and the threshold that Harry could feel from where he was, were considerably more powerful than his own. 

 Harry could see McCoy walking through his house passing various windows and he unconsciously tightened his hands into fists.  Seeing a member of a White Council after so many years brought Harry back to those days when he still had to cower in fear that one of them would find out how he bent, twisted, and broke the rules of magic that kept everyone except for themselves chained up like so many flea bitten curs.

Harry hated every single one of them, for their hypocrisy and now for the part that they had played in John’s injuries.  Since they just couldn’t leave Chicago alone Harry figured now was as the perfect time to start picking them off.  The fact that the Blackstaff had this particular Grimoire just put him at the top of the list. 

Harry had stepped out of the Never Never less than a mile from the house that he was standing in front of now.  The problem now was that even though Harry knew that he was strong enough to take on McCoy if they were anywhere else, here on the Blackstaff’s home turf he didn’t stand a chance without a considerably larger force than just himself.    

But after a nerve-wracking hour wait Harry saw the older man answer his phone briefly, before slamming it back into it’s cradle and rushing out of his house climbing into a nearly completely rusted over truck. 

Toot Toot had assured him that the problem of getting the wizard out of his house would be taken care of as long as the fairies responsible were given twelve cheese pizzas before and after the event.  Dewdrop fairies were always easy to repay and Harry had had no problem giving his permission. Seems the little creatures had come through for him once again.

Slipping towards the now, hopefully, empty house Harry tried to pick his way through grass that was so thickly matted that it caught on his pants in knots of resistance.

His movement through the tall grass also stirred up unwelcome guests as swarms of insects swirled around him buzzing furiously.

“Hate this.” Harry muttered finally breaking his self-imposed silence.  “Goddamn bugs everywhere.” He swatted angrily at an ear as another mosquito buzzed by. 

Only after he felt the fleshy impact and the sharp sting of pain did Harry realize that it was not in fact a mosquito.

The hornet buzzed angrily as it fought to pull its stinger out of his flesh and only after a couple of moments of mad flailing (that Harry would deny to his fucking dying day) did Harry finally lose patience with removing the insect.

Nunc Morere.”

The result was instantaneous.  All of the insects within ten feet of the glowering man dropped from the sky, the smaller insects disappeared with tiny pops into bits of dust.

Shaking clear of the dead insects Dresden finally set foot on the gravel driveway that led up to the house.  The loose rocks shifted under his too thin leather shoes but Harry forced himself to take his time.

Snapping open his third eye felt like glaring directly into a blue sun.  The house and grounds were all layered with protections.  The only reason he had managed to get this far without setting anything off was because the protections had focused mainly on the area around the house and yard. 

The driveway was littered with salt and iron and Harry could feel the slow looming magical presence, as he got closer to the small ranch house.

Creeping towards a window, he eyed the threshold doubtfully as he tried to see a way to get around its’ protection.   The window was opened invitingly, with that stupid curtain dragged out of it and fluttering invitingly.  But it was a honey trap. 

The threshold that stood between Harry and entering the house was strong enough to rip a goodly portion of his magic away from him if he tried to enter uninvited.

Gonna have to risk it. There’s not enough time.  If something happens to John because I took too long…

Harry didn’t let himself finish that thought.   

Completely aside from the fairly strong threshold, Harry could see the glowing runes of a truly formidable set of wards that he would have a hell of a time getting through without setting off or destroying. 

Well truth be told he wouldn’t mind destroying them but hurting the Grimoire was not an option and he had no idea where in the house it might be.

With painstaking care Harry carefully looked at the runes that were protecting the house, stalking the perimeter as he studied how all of the runes fit together to make the impressive whole that stood before him.

“Hell’s Bell’s.  Locked up tighter than a virgin’s ass and me without my magical lube what’s a guy to do?”

Moving the rues was painstaking work.  Harry had to keep from setting any of them off while gently persuading them that they wanted to move to the side.  Convincing them that the closer they were to each other the more secure the house would be.

Magic had a sot of simple intelligence that understood what it was supposed to do.  Harry was particularly adept at tricking other people’s magic into believing that it was going to work better if it followed his directions.  The runes finally moved in a slow slide.

The only reason that Harry Dresden had made it to where he currently stood in society and in his current profession was because of his ability to change course; whether that was his course or someone else’s. 

He could twist and turn everything until it suited his needs given enough time; if he was short on time, brute force and ingenuity filled in the gaps. 

Harry gently maneuvered the runes that created bars up and down the house, essentially stretching the magical dead zone between them and creating a spot that he could slip through without setting off any of the nastier surprises that undoubtedly were waiting to trip up the unwary.

The scramble through the open window was not graceful and Harry was grateful there was nobody around to see the ungainly sprawl that he landed in on the other side of the window. 

His breath and magic leaving him with a pained gasp, Harry forced himself to his feet even though he felt as though he had left a couple of important limbs behind.  Working without his magic was going to be a bitch, but he was running out of time.

Slipping through the house, Harry felt uncomfortably confined.  Shelves of knick-knacks lined every wall and the ratty couches were covered in flannel blankets that clung to the Harry’s trousers stubbornly.  Harry jerked away from the rough fabric irritably looking for any sign of a door that might lead to the Blackstaff’s laboratory.

Harry’s third eye was still open and he began to scan the room for sign of magical disturbance or extra protections.  He nearly stepped right past the door because it was unobtrusive.  The small door looked just like the rest of the doors no reason to think that it led anywhere except to a closet.  But the low thrum along Harry’s nerves made him stop in his tracks when he nearly passed it by.

Harry’s impatience finally got the better of him, not seeing any sort of runes on the door he grabbed the handle and tried to turn it open.

That was when the trap snapped shut.

The room blazed with light and Harry flung himself towards the still open window, but before he could reach it the runes that had surrounded the house closed in on him until he was trapped in the living room with no way to get to window or door. 

When he tried to shoulder aside the runes using brute magical force the backlash was like a punch to the face.  Still hobbled because of the threshold Harry couldn’t gather the strength needed to blast apart the runes and when pacing the perimeter of his new prison turned up nothing to assist him Harry withdrew as far as he could into the corner furthest from the front door.

Crouching down, Harry tried to keep his breathing deep but as he heard the distinct rumble of the Blackstaff’s truck he was taking quick shallow breaths that were sending him directly towards a panic attack. 

When McCoy stepped through the front door, he looked vaguely murderous and when he caught sight of Harry it only intensified.

“Well, well.” McCoy snarled. “What do we have here?  Harry Dresden, murderer, rapist, mobster, and now petty thief?” 

Harry snarled right back.  “Come on old man, what are you waiting for?  You’ve finally got me helpless so do your thing Blackstaff.”

McCoy stepped closer easily sliding between the runic bars and which stretched to let him through.  He opened his mouth to say something, but the instant that the Blackstaff stepped foot inside of the wards that created a roach motel around his living room Dresden was on him.  Leading with a muscled shoulder, Harry hit the older man in the gut and drove him back into a runic wall.  

When it came to fighting high-powered wizards, Dresden had a distinct edge.  Magic might have kept them thin but in general wizards didn’t fight with their bodies and relied solely on their magical strength.  Brutal past experience had taught Harry that his magic wasn’t always reliable.  One of the reasons that Dresden had cut a bloody swathe to the top of the food chain in Chicago was because he wasn’t afraid to make a fight physical. 

The Blackstaff managed to scramble sideways chest heaving as he tried to move his stunned diaphragm.  He flung a powerful curse at Dresden that hit the magically treated leather and sliced through it like it was so much room temperature butter.  

Harry grunted in pain but he refused to back down, he felt the sickening slip of blood sliding down his side in rivulets as he fought to keep ahead of the magic that was being flung at him, throwing punches and kicks whenever he could to try and knock out the older man.

But the older man was a capable fighter as well and he managed to dodge or shrug off most of the blows that Harry laid on him and after watching Dresden for several moments to see what his next move was going to be managed to get ahead of him and hit him with a final spell that brought Harry down to his knees.

The magical chains bound Harry to the floor in a humiliating crouch, wrapping around both his wrists and ankles.

McCoy watched with detached interest as Dresden fought against the chains, which followed his every move.  He had met Dresden years ago and seen the same thing that the rest of the world had seen.  He saw nothing to change his mind now.

“You’re a bully Harry, “McCoy growled, “and a coward.  So those chains that are around your flesh are going to bring everything that you’ve been hiding to the surface so we can all see what you really are.”

Dresden had only been in is early twenties at the time but even then Ebenezer could feel the force of the power that rolled off of the younger wizard.  The cold sneering expression mimicked his uncle’s perfectly and they seemed to be two men struck from the same mold, intent on power for the sake of power and nothing more.

Harry ignored the Blackstaff’s voice, as he fought against the chains mindlessly, low whimpers erupting from his mouth without volition or thought.  He fought the chains and he kept his back as far away from McCoy as he could.  The straining fight was tearing his wrists leaving them ringed in dangling threads of skin.

Harry writhed desperately as the older man stepped closer.  Old memories launching themselves from the darkness of his subconscious, memories that he had tried to tuck away and forget.  Memories of another older man, another set of magical handcuffs and the helplessness that he had sworn to himself that he would never allow himself to feel again.

McCoy stepped even closer and saw something die inside of the younger man, all of the light went out of the vicious face and only an expressionless mask was left in its place and Harry quit struggling.

All those years ago McCoy had seen another Morningway in the making, here and now though McCoy saw something else.  Power for the sake of power was one thing; power for the sake of not being weak was something else.

Dresden watched him step closer and closer with dead eyes.

“What do you want Mr. Dresden?  If you had wanted my death I do believe you could have accomplished the task without ever having to enter my home.  If you wanted blackmail material I can assure you there is very little that the Council does not know about me.  What could possibly make you risk all of your hard effort to keep the Council, including myself, away from Chicago?  So why are you here?”

Harry turned his head away and studied the carpet underneath his feet.  Refusing to answer.

McCoy reached forward and Harry let him grab his face.  Ebenezer could feel the skin shivering underneath his palm as Harry tried to hide himself inside of his own mind. 

“You will tell me eventually boy.”

The term brought Harry’s head around viper fast and he lunged towards the older man reaching out with hands curled into claws as he desperately tried to get hold of McCoy who managed to scramble backwards just in time.

“I’ll kill you.”  Harry’s voice was high pitched and broken.  “I’ll kill all of you.  I know what you did.  I know what you are.  All of you just like him and I’ll kill all of you too. Watch me.  Watch me.”  Harry struggled and fought again but this time he tried to drag himself closer and closer to McCoy.

“What did we do Harry?”

“No. No.” snarled Dresden.  “We mustn’t speak of the big nasty thing because it’s all your fault pretty boy, pretty ragdoll.  You just stay there like a good little boy would and then we’ll take everything from you.  Suck harder pretty boy. Be good boy or we’ll cut them off.  Wouldn’t that be the worst since you enjoy it so much pretty boy.

McCoy recoiled as the Harry’s voice switched from high pitched to a faux Morningway and then a perfect imitation of the Merlin’s voice as though repeating what they said in singsong would change the message.

“But I got away didn’t I Blackstaff?”  Harry spit, tone changing again to a deep chainsaw whir.  “ I got away and I got all of you to go away.  All I ever wanted Blackstaff, a world without the White Council, because they’re not white and you’re not white and you’re all stained with the blood of the innocent so it’s only right that you teamed up with the Red Court.  Only right that they tried to take him away because they always get what they want.  Not this time though oh no no no.  Not this time.”

“Harry,” McCoy repeated firmly “Why did you come here?”

“Because you have what I want; and now that I am me and not boy I take what I want from you!

“I thought you said that you had everything that you wanted?”

“But you took him away from me Blackstaff, you and the White Council and the Red Court all of you took him away from me.”

“Marcone’s dead?” 

“Not yet, no thanks to the Council.  Deal with the Red devil’s because you think you know them, but you don’t know the gentleman and you don’t know me.”

McCoy’s eyes widened in sudden realization,

“You came for the Grimoire.” 

“I had to.” Whimpered Harry.  “Bob said it would save him.  He’s the only thing worth anything.  The rest of the world can burn.  But not him, please not him.  Please don’t hurt him.”  Harry’s eyes glazed with the powerful magic that was releasing all of his pent up memories and emotions gleamed with a sudden sly cunning. 

“I know what you really want.”  Harry’s voice dropped to a ragged purr and he started to wriggle free of his trousers.  “I’ll be so good for you Blackstaff.  I’ll make you so happy. Please don’t hurt him.”

Ebenezer’s hands gently stopped Harry’s from completing their attempts to pull down the trousers, but too late he was already exposed.  Harry leaned forward and rubbed enticingly against the older man, his penis small and flaccid against his thigh but he still tried to woo the older man closer with warm hands and mouth.

“No Harry. Aperire.”  The chains fell gently to the floor before disappearing completely.  The runes shrunk back towards the wall and Harry Dresden fell to the floor in a dead faint as he was released from his magically altered state.

McCoy gently ruffled the long dark hair away from the pale face and seeing just how young the man before him truly was.  The older man managed to pull Dresden up onto a nearby couch and covered him with the warm scratchy flannel.

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